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How do I pay rent?

We are a paperless community! You can pay rent by logging into your personal resident account and paying with ACH, by debit or
credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Diner's Club) or with cash using the WIPS (Walk In Payment System) feature. 


Why am I not able to register?

Your name and email address are required to sign up for your account. Both of these have to match what we have on file for you. If either of these are entered incorrectly you will not be able to sign up. 


What is my username?

Your username is your e-mail address. If you wish to change your e-mail address you'll need to login with your old account and change it in the Resident Portal. If your e-mail address is different than the one you applied with, let us know and we can update it for you.


How do I edit or cancel an existing rent payment?

If you set yourself up for auto-pay, navigate through your resident account to the payments section, you should see a recurring payment section and you can cancel or edit it there. 


Can I pay cash? 

We do not directly accept cash, but you are able to pay with cash using WIPS. If you wish to pay with cash or electronic money order please see the leasing office for your WIPS card and directions on how to use.


Why did my auto-payment stop?

Your auto-payment can stop for several reasons. 

-The end date has passed and you must create a new auto-payment

-Your credit card expired

-The account was closed, or the account info was wrong upon first entering

-If you renew your lease, you need to edit your payment details to match your new lease amount


Can I change how much I am paying?

If you have an auto-pay set up, you must cancel that payment and setup a new one with the new amount you wish to pay. 


When do I give notice if I am moving?

If you are not renewing, we require a written 60 day notice to vacate sent to the office.